Restrained Plug and Socket Index

Victor Industrial Equipment’s range of flameproof restrained and screw connectors for the underground coal and hard rock mining industry.

Amp / VoltageRestrained PlugsRestrained CouplersRestrained SocketsRestrained Test Plugs
30A / 650V
30 Amp Plug30 Amp Socket
250A / 1100V
250A Screw Plug250A Coupler250A Socket200 Amp Test Plug
250A Clamp Plug
300 -425A / 1100V
300 - 425 Amp Plug300 - 425 Amp Coupler300-425 Amp Socket300 - 425 Amp Test Plug
7.5A / 120V
Comms PlugComms CouplerComms Socket
160A / 550V
Rotation PlugRotation Socket