Surge Generator - SG50016




The SG50016 surge generator comes equipped with an ICE signal output to connect to any cable fault location TDR for fault pre-location. MCLS (Mains Condition Lockout System): Checks Polarity, Checks Mains Hi, Checks Mains Low, Checks Earthing Integrity Pulse Rate: Every 3-10 Seconds, Single Shot DC Test: 16kV@200mA Burning Function: 16kV@ 200mA Limited to short period only Capacitor: Steel Enclosed Oil Filled(Non PCB), Porcelain Insulators Enclosure: 304 Stainless Steel IP21 HV Transformer: Dry Type Temperature Protected, 4 Individual Secondary Coils Test Method Options: ICE Coupler: Built-In Dimensions: 480X460X375mm Weight: 48kg Mobility: Trolley, Trailer or Van Mount Test Environment: Temperature Indoor and outdoor: 10ºC to +50ºC. Humidity: ≤ 85% Supply Voltage: 230V 50/60Hz, 16A Standard Accessories: 5m High voltage test lead, 1.5m Mains lead, 5m Earth Lead Optional Accessories: PCA101 TDR, GMA205 Ground Microphone, CRS 30-3 Cable Reel System, INV5000 Inverter and Battery System

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