Our Services

  • Pumps Solutions

    Our pumps division has steadily been gaining traction and as such we have introduced our Pumps Repair Workshop. We are currently able to provide repair and refurbishment services on various brands and we are currently carrying out repairs and refurbishments for several prominent mining houses in South Africa. The repair and refurbishment service includes the stripping and/or replacement of key components, reassembly and testing to ensure that the final product conforms to the required quality standards.


    • Submersible Pumps
    • Borehole Pumps
    • Multi-Stage Pumps
    • Vertical Spindle Pumps
    • Pump Stations
    • Centrifugal Pumps
    • Pump Repairs
    • Pump Testing
    • HDPE Pipes
    • Valves
    • Control Panels
    • On-Site Pumps Technician
    Pumps Solutions
  • Lighting Solutions

    Introducing the world's first ATEX & IECEx certified Hazardous Area certified LED strip lighting system called x-Glo Exm. x-Glo Exm has been developed with our manufacturing partner Clear Lighting and it is suitable for installation in hazardous areas such as Coal Mines & Oil & Gas facilities. This innovative strip lighting system is manufactured in the Clear Lighting state-of-the-art ISO9001 manufacturing facility which is fully accredited by IECEx. Like all x-Glo products the Exm strip light has been developed to be Safe, Robust and Durable. The x-Glo Exm range is certified as a Low Voltage Device and is EMC & RoHS compliant in accordance with the applicable European Directives under the encapsulation category. The x-Glo Exm LED Strip Lighting system is designed to be energized 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The x-Glo Exm Range is available in White, Red, Green, and Amber. The Exm range comes in 24v, 36v & 48v DC and AC versions.


    • Flameproof electrical connectors
    • Non-Flameproof electrical connectors
    • Open-pit connectors
    • Research & New Product Development
    • Spares
    • Cable
    • Cable Shop Management Solutions
    • Pumps & Pump Refurbishments
    • Lighting
    • Technical Assistance
    • Training, and more...
    Lighting Solutions
  • Cable Repair Services

    An on-site cable repair facility, consisting of a senior, skilled foreman with 2 or more skilled jointers. The jointers report daily to the foreman and weekly to the manager of the cable shop (Victor Representative).


    • On-site Cable Repair
    • Termination of Cable
    • Cable Connections
    • Testing
    • Material Handling
    • XLPE Cable
    • Trailing Rubber Cable
    • PVC Cable Jointing
    Cable Solutions
  • Training

    Training available on all HV; MV; LV Cables (1000V; 11kV; 12kV; 3.3kV & 6.6kV) Training includes the jointing of trailing cable by showing you how to crimp, splice, taper, pencil and clean the joint this will benefit cable shops by improving the quality of joints and people’s skills.


    • Termination of Cable
    • Termination and connection of cable to coupler
    • Testing of cable on the surge generator will indicate if there is a fault in the cables
    • Material handling, basic housekeeping, tool handling and layout of cable
    • XLPE cable, trailing rubber cable and PVC cable jointing available. All training comes with certification
    Training Solutions