The Worklight is an IS approved portable battery powered LED strip. The unit consists of a printed circuit board that houses 60x SMD LED's per meter to form a 5m long fully encapsulated strip. The battery and protection PCB is housed inside a fully encapsulated enclosure. The enclosure has two connection facilities, one o either side. One is the output that connects to the LED strip and the other is used for charging the battery in the safe area. The enclosure has one push on/off button, four charge indicating LED's and four information LED's with a handle on top. The unit can also be quipped with a monoscopic and telescopic light attachment. LED configuration: 60x3 LED's spaced evenly over a meter length (180LED/m) Max running length: 8m IP Rating: IP65 Max Power Consumption per LED/m: 0.2 Watts/8 Watts Colour temperature: 6500 Kelvin Lumens: 100 Lumens/Watt Lumens P/M: 800-1000 Voltage: 12V 6DC Protection: Short circuit, over voltage, over temperature, over current IS approved: Ex ia I ma IA number: MASC M/19-2127x

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